Men have different skin from women. They need face care products specifically designed for them. Because of this, Master Face Care was developed.


Master is the pioneer in men face care in the Philippines. As the no. 1 brand in men face care, it has a comprehensive line of products including facial washes, deep cleansers, and moisturizers. With the revolutionary ZEROIL formulation, Master can control oil for up to 8 hours, para laging gwapo!


Sikreto ng mga Gwapo through the years!

  • 1972

    Master was introduced in 1972 as the pioneer of men face care in the Philippines.

  • 1994

    Master introduced “SIKRETO NG MGA GWAPO.”

  • 1996

    Master reintroduced itself as Master by Eskinol

  • 2000

    Master introduced the new ZEROIL formulation in all Master products.

  • 2005

    Master Facial Scrub was introduced.

  • 2008

    Master launched breakthrough product in the market: Master Ice Pore Minimizer Facial Scrub and Cleanser

  • 2009

    Master Whitening Plus Facial Moisturizer was launched to fight skin darkening.

  • 2010

    Master introduced a new variant, Master Oil Control Max, known for controling oil up to 8 hours.

  • 2012

    Master relaunched with an all new set of face care products to give guys that winning look.

  • 2013

    The Master Game Face Basketball Challenge was launched to educate men how to use face care product, in a language they can relate to—basketball.



Master remains as the No. 1 Facial Cleanser, Facial Wash and Facial Moisturizer for men in the Philippines.